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It’s Official

Yesterday I hung up a sign and set my business cards on a table outside of my (home) studio.  Totally cheesy, I’m well aware.  I can almost guarantee that my kids (and dogs) will destroy the cards and rearrange the letters on my sign to form inappropriate words & phrases.  And it’s highly likely that no one... other than those kids and dogs and maybe a couple friends or family members... will ever set foot inside my studio doors.  It’s my special place to hide away, concentrate, create and sometimes meditate.

Since I started promoting Old Post Co. and my jewelry, people keep inquiring about how I’m finding the time between all the mom stuff, the work stuff, the sports stuff and the other stuff.  Truth is, it really hasn’t been that difficult because I’m doing something that I really enjoy.  Granted, that might all change once school is back in session and 4th grade homework gets added into the mix... but for now, I’m having a lot of fun.  I hope, if you are reading this, that my designs bring you as much happiness as they have brought me.  Now back to prepping for the Fall Collection launch!

It feels good to be in business. xo


  • You’re an inspiration! Can’t wait to order that Sol necklace! Congrats on the new business as well :-)

    Stacy Leone
  • Love this!

  • You are awesome! Congratulations!! I hope I can see your studio and take a card and rearrange the letters on your sign one day soon. Love you


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