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Demure Necklace

Demure Necklace

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Size: 18 inch
Material:  24k gold-plated charm, 14k gold-filled chain

Please note, gold-filled jewelry contains a substantial layer of 14k gold, rather than the thinner layer used for gold-plated pieces.  This makes gold-filled jewelry worth more and last longer.  When cared for properly, it is tarnish and chip resistant.  It is a great option for individuals with metal allergies.

Care instructions:  Do not use a chemical jewelry cleaner or treated cloths. 14k gold-filled products are resistant to tarnishing because the outside layer is thick enough to prevent oxidation of the inner material. We recommend minimizing exposure to moisture and chemicals such as perfumes, salt water and chlorine in swimming pools as they take their toll on jewelry. Use mild liquid dish soap (the best is the blue Dawn) and water to remove oil build up, then dry it thoroughly with a clean soft cloth.  You can lightly use a polishing cloth, but be gentle!